If a casino gives free of charge slot play, does the slot machine realize you aren? t having fun with your individual money?

Casinos are increasingly providing slot players with no-cost play, giving them an opportunity to win money without having to deposit one cent into a machine. Slot aficionados see it as winning something for nothing.

Other casinos that offer something called matching play . PG Slot This is where you’re paid $10 for free play once you have played through at least $10 of your cash. Obviously, this offer is not as good a deal as a something-for-nothing promotion.

Your free play of $5 is a cash prize for your participation, however it is only available at the casino. The main disadvantage of free play: you can’t take the money and skedaddle. With cash backs from your game you don’t have to be sure to play the cash back. Much like winnings, it’s your money and not the house’s which means you are free to withdraw it to spend as you’d like.

All things being equal I’d rather have cash in hand to spend as I wish. Additionally, with free play almost all players get something, but are left in the red because they want to play back their free play funds before they can cash out.

The most significant challenge that a casino has is getting you to open the front door. Free slot games – which cost absolutely nothing is one of the Pavlovian offer that stokes the appetite among the slot players.

I’ve always been amazed at the way just a few dollars of free slot machine play attracts the game’s players. In reality, when you’re confronted with a slot machine, you can easily run through that $1 in just a few spins if playing at max coins and playing max lines. Now , the casino will have you locked within its cozy confines for a total outlay of $10.

The truth, Gerry, is that the random number generator does not care for a single iota if you’re playing for free or putting your money into the game. The reason for this could be that you’re the victim of your own selective memory in conjunction with a depressed gambling time line.

Your assumption is that the machines will hit less often when you’re playing free versus when you’re using money. So, you’ll tend to remember the times when you don’t hit on the free play and forget the times you hit. I suggest you keep track of your play , and not just rely on impressions.

In the futureyou will be entertaining me and keep track of the number of spins as well as any hits that you take from your free games. Also, track the same number of spins when you deposit money. As your time line of gambling expands, your payouts will be relatively close.

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